Women & Philanthropy members and invited UCLA supporters enjoy a wide range of informative, educational and social events showcasing UCLA’s brightest stars and groundbreaking progress.

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Past Events

The Language of Friendship: The Role of Talk in an Understudied Relationship with Author Deborah Tannen

Deborah Tannen, New York Times best-selling author and Professor in the Department of Linguistics at Georgetown University, had exactly the right words for the audience about friendships. As she does in her new book, You’re the Only One I Can Tell: Inside the Language of Women’s Friendships, Professor Tannen explored the communication and miscommunication dynamics between female friends and the unique nuances that exist in these relationships. During her lecture, Professor Tannen gave vivid examples of real-life dialogue between women of diverse backgrounds that illustrated the power of words to build, nourish, dismantle, and amend friendships.

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Stories of Success Series: Doing Well While Doing Good

Many people want to work for socially impactful businesses that are at the crossroads between social good that makes the world a better place and a successful business model. A panel of UCLA alumnae experts with experience in the field of social enterprise revealed ideas, insights, and lessons learned for those interested in doing well and doing good.

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Brainstorm: Breakthroughs in Brain Research

Through the use of the latest technology, the top-ranked UCLA Department of Psychology is studying all aspects of brain functioning. In a conversation moderated by the Dean of Life Sciences, a panel of five professors from the UCLA Department of Psychology participated in an informative discussion about their ground-breaking brain research. Each faculty member shared her historic research on a different facet of the most complex and least understood organ in the body, the human brain.

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What Now…? The Impact of the 2016 Election

Faculty experts from the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs shared information and research about the outcome and impact of the 2016 election after the long, grueling election cycle. The panel gave insights about what people can expect from the newly elected president and Congress. They discussed thoughts about whether the country can be brought together and if there will be any real, meaningful solutions.

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Making a Global Impact Through Medical Education and World Health

The UCLA Center for World Health’s vision is to heal humankind through shared knowledge and compassion and to make a difference in people’s lives throughout the world. Their success stories encompass maternal and pediatric health, surgical innovations, and global research. Faculty experts shared exciting stories about how they’re using education, research and service in addressing today’s most pressing global health challenges and making a sustainable difference.

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Hope Is Real: The UCLA Depression Grand Challenge

The UCLA Depression Grand Challenge unites dozens of UCLA scientists and scholars with community stakeholders around a common goal: cutting the burden of depression in half by 2050 and eliminating it by century’s end. A panel of UCLA experts shared prevention strategies, new interventions and treatment screenings, and what this issue means for women in particular.

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Female Entrepreneurs Flourish in LA: Stories of Success in E-Commerce

Women in Los Angeles are breaking entrepreneurial barriers with exciting, innovative solutions. What makes L.A. the new “it” location for start-ups? How are women empowered to succeed in this environment? A panel of female UCLA graduates who’ve launched successful online businesses discussed their successes, challenges, and how their UCLA experience has helped them along the way.
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A New Frontier in Technology: Printing the Future in 3-D

UCLA faculty and students are exploring three-dimensional printing as a tool to create nearly anything. Select the “print” option, and out comes a skateboard, a beautiful dress, a micro-house, complete with a bed, kitchen and full bathroom. Or human tissue, organs, and bones.

UCLA experts in the fields of Engineering and Urban Design shared how 3-D printing actually works, the future of this technology, and what these innovations mean for you. Examples of student works printed in 3-D were showcased.
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LET GIRLS LEARN: Activating the Entertainment Industry for Social Good

The UCLA Burkle Global Impact Initiative shared about their participation in the “Let Girls Learn” campaign and efforts to promote and facilitate the treatment of critical international issues within the entertainment industry.
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20th Anniversary Luncheon: Celebrating the Past, Creating the Future

On June 3, 2014, Women & Philanthropy at UCLA celebrated its 20th anniversary at Carnesale Commons by honoring women at UCLA who serve as examples of leadership and philanthropy and looking to our exciting future engaging the next generation of women leaders.

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Thriving in a Hotter L.A.: Turning Los Angeles into a Global Model for Urban Sustainability

Learn from a panel of UCLA experts about the exciting new campus-wide, interdisciplinary Grand Challenges initiative, whose goal is for the Los Angeles region to use exclusively renewable energy and local water by 2050 while protecting native biodiversity and enhancing our quality of life.

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Women & Stress: The Relationship Between Mind and Body in Wellness

Are men and women different when it comes to health and illness? Can we stay on the good side of stress? What do we understand about the link between stress and illness, aging, weight gain or pain? What can we do to manage the effects of stress? Join us to learn from a panel of experts in the field about the relationship between your mind and body in wellness.

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Gridlocked?: Transportation and Visions of Los Angeles

Residents of Los Angeles spend a significant amount of time in cars and on buses, which makes traffic central to daily life. A panel of experts from the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs will discuss transportation issues that affect Los Angeles, how communities are impacted by transit-oriented policies and practices, and the broader impact travel behavior has on the quality of life in this busy metropolis.

Leverage Your Philanthropy

A presentation on the Today's and Tomorrow's Children's Fund, a donor-directed "giving circle" through the Mattel Children’s Hospital that pools philanthropic funds to maximize impact in support of research and programs.

Mindful Awareness: Ancient Practice, Modern Science

A fascinating exploration into the cutting-edge research at UCLA and elsewhere that is proving the power of meditation and guided exercises that help reduce stress and encourage a more present lifestyle and awareness of the physical body.

The Science of Attraction

Find out what you’re saying to your mate – or potential mate – without saying a word. Top UCLA researchers provide a revealing look at how men and women communicate attraction. From overt cues to unconscious mannerisms, our interactions show that we are closer to our primate relatives than we might like to believe.

Reel People: The Art of Hollywood Costume Design

Film and theater costume designers build characters from the inside out and help tell each character’s story. Get a rare look into the world of this singular art form through the eyes of UCLA professor and Academy Award nominee Deborah Landis, who will illustrate her talk with film clips showing the transformative power of costume.

Discover | Learn | Cure
The Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research at UCLA

The power of stem cell science comes true at UCLA. Find out how from Owen Witte, director of the Broad Stem Cell Research Center. He is joined by faculty researchers Gay Crooks, Sanaz Memarzadeh and Hanna Mikkola. Each woman is at a different point in her stellar career path; all draw inspiration from the center's technology-driven, integrated environment.

Transforming Arts and Architecture:
Bruin Case Study—New Orleans

A fascinating look at humanitarian architecture. Pritzker Prize-winning architect and UCLA faculty member Thom Mayne enlisted the help of his Bruin students to design a home that would be safe in the area hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina—New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward. The result astounded critics, fellow architects and would-be residents.

A Conversation with Lynda Resnick

Renowned entrepreneur and author Lynda Resnick shares her new book and fields questions about pioneering fresh approaches to marketing and creating unforgettable brands, such as her own POM Juice, Fiji Water and Teleflora. Learn more on Lynda’s blog: http://blog.lyndaresnick.com.

French and Italian Cuisine:
History, Science and Culture

A conversation on the history of cuisine and gastronomy in France and Italy, as our specialists consider the various food challenges we face in the 21st century, discuss innovative recipes and culinary traditions, recount exciting anecdotes, and examine dramatic breakthroughs in medicine and genetics.

The New Evolution: How Genomic Science and Society are Shaping Our Humanity

A discussion on the effects of science on our community.

Operation Mend: Healing the Wounds of War

A presentation of the program to treat U.S. military personnel wounded during service in Iraq and Afghanistan, providing them with plastic and reconstructive services at UCLA.

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Climate Change And Its Impact On Biodiversity

A fascinating look at climate change in Southern California and beyond, and the amazing research being conducted by UCLA’s pioneers at the Institute of the Environment.

UCLA’s 1st to 100: Athletics Past, Present and Future

A celebration of UCLA winning 100 NCAA Championships with the win by the women’s water polo team.