Women & Philanthropy allows you to connect with your passions by supporting the areas of UCLA you care about most. When you contribute at a qualifying level to programs, areas, or departments that are meaningful to you, you can become a member of Women & Philanthropy.

Join Women & Philanthropy at the Circle level with a minimum gift or pledge of $25,000 for a 5 year membership.

Become a Lifetime level member with a gift of $250,000 or once your lifetime giving reaches this milestone.

Join Women & Philanthropy at the Associate level with a minimum gift of $2,500 annually.

Becoming a Women & Philanthropy member or making a donation to UCLA is easy!

If you have any questions about this donation or to learn more about Women & Philanthropy, please contact us at (310) 794-2389 or wmnphil@support.ucla.edu.