Inspiring Change

Women & Philanthropy is comprised of a group of like-minded women who participate in and promote volunteer and philanthropic leadership at UCLA. We are attracting and mentoring the next generation of philanthropic leaders on campus. Ours is a community of knowledgeable, unique, powerful voices. We’re moving the university ahead by addressing its current needs – and creating new possibilities for the future.

The following is a sampling of the many opportunities our members have created for faculty and student excellence and community impact:

  • The Ralph and Shirley Shapiro International Fellows Program
  • The Maxine and Eugene Rosenfeld Chair in Computational Genetics
  • The Carolbeth Korn Prize in Public Health
  • The Marianne Murphy Play Reading Series
  • Glorya Kaufman Hall
  • The Carol L. Collins UES Principal’s Chair
  • The Ronald S. Hirshberg Translational Pancreatic Cancer Research Laboratory

Hear from UCLA's star faculty about their groundbreaking research:

Andrea Ghez, UCLA professor of astronomy, talks about the black hole at the center of our galaxy.
UCLA law professor Ann Carlson shares her big UCLA ideas.
Ann Philbin, director of the Hammer Museum at UCLA, talks about promoting "the art of our time."