In 1992, a group of women at UCLA asked the question: How can our resources best shape the future of this amazing university?

The university convened women throughout the Southern California and conducted focus groups to better understand why and how women participate in philanthropy and how UCLA could garner greater volunteer and philanthropic leadership from women.

From the input gathered, Women & Philanthropy at UCLA was born two years later.  Since 1994, it has promoted women’s giving and prepared women to make the greatest impact on areas that matter most to them.

The program started with a core group of dedicated women who were committed to UCLA and Women & Philanthropy and remained an intimate, active entity on campus.

For its 20th Anniversary in 2014, a group of long-standing members of the Board and staff revisited the program’s goals and structure to ensure its vibrancy into the future. The goals clearly remained the same, but it was determined that the membership structure needed to be enhanced to a more inclusive model that gives a greater number of women an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of this meaningful program.

By evolving into a more expansive membership design, one that recognizes lifetime giving and incorporates university leaders, the program now includes over 2,500 women contributors to UCLA.

Engaging women and encouraging their support continues to be a vital area of interest at UCLA today.

Founding Members:

  • Doris Chasin
  • Julieann Coyne
  • Glorya Kaufman
  • Mrs. Harry Lenart
  • Bea Mandel
  • Jane McCarthy
  • Joy Monkarsh
  • Patt Oppenheim
  • Dini Ostrov
  • Joan Palevsky
  • Wilma Pinder
  • Andrea Rich
  • Rita Rothman
  • Toby Waldorf
  • Sheila Weisman