Women & Philanthropy at UCLA celebrates and inspires women throughout the UCLA community as major donors, leaders, and decision-makers.

To encourage philanthropy, leadership and mentoring of the next generation, Women & Philanthropy at UCLA seeks to:

  • Engage and Educate women philanthropists through programmatic activities that highlight the diversity of achievement at UCLA;
  • Broaden and Deepen the base of financial support by women at UCLA;
  • Cultivate and Mentor women as philanthropists and leaders and provide them with a personal connection to the University;
  • Identify and Support programs at UCLA that reflect the varied interests of its members;
  • Advocate for women’s leadership across campus on boards, committees, and the UCLA Foundation Board of Directors;
  • Embrace a Culture of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Access that encourages, supports, and promotes the diverse voices of our members and builds pathways to philanthropy for women from all backgrounds and life experiences.


  • Philanthropy:
    • Recognize and inspire women’s giving across the campus.
    • Provide women with information about opportunities to give and access to those matching their passions.
    • Enrich women’s lives by providing unique opportunities to engage with the University and each other.
    • Thank women for their contributions to the campus.
  • Leadership:
    • Foster women’s participation on campus boards and in volunteer leadership positions.
    • Provide resources and learning opportunities for leadership growth.
    • Spotlight and promote women’s leadership activities across the campus.
  • Mentoring and Networking:
    • Integrate mentoring into member relationships by creating opportunities for members to meet UCLA’s up-and-coming women philanthropists.
    • Engage younger women who are giving to the campus and encourage their development as philanthropic leaders.
    • Promote connections among women by highlighting professional fields, philanthropic areas of interest, degrees/majors, board service, and other relationships.
  • Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Access:
    • Value diversity, engagement and belonging at the core of Women & Philanthropy’s mission.
    • Maintain an inclusive membership that fully represents different cultures, backgrounds, life experiences, and viewpoints.
    • Strive to include equity, diversity, inclusion, and access practices through our daily work.