Through Women & Philanthropy at UCLA, women from all backgrounds and ages are encouraged to engage more deeply and broadly in the life of the University. Our participation and support throughout the entire campus has created significant impact in every sector, and amplified our influence as leaders, philanthropists and decision-makers. I am honored to be serving as the group’s president.

Women & Philanthropy’s thought-provoking, informative programming showcases different areas of our extraordinary University. The goal is to keep supporters well-informed and inspired by the incredible work taking place throughout campus on a daily basis — research, programs, faculty, students, arts and music, athletics, community outreach, and much more. 

By participating in Women & Philanthropy, not only are the depths of achievement and discovery at UCLA illuminated, but friendships, common interests, and enjoyable experiences are shared.  We hope you will join us to enhance the scope the #1 public university has on transforming our community, the country, and even the world. 

Coretta Harris